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Les Ulis, on 10 January 2011 - Impact Technologies equips Service Health, the leading organisation in France for home hospitalisation, with 650 portable light clients

• An alternative to traditional hospitalisation, home hospitalisation requires coordination of care staff and the monitoring of patients in real time.

• For updating medical files and input of their activity, health professionals with Santé Service (Service Health) will from now on be equipped with 650 Itium Mobiles.


Impact Technologies, the French lead manufacturer of thin clients, announced the deployment of 650 Itium Mobile portable light clients by Service Health care staff, the largest home hospitalisation organisation in France.


Mobility and data security

Created in 1958, Service Health is an association whose main activity lies in the field of home hospitalisation. This health organisation looks after more than 1 200 patients per day in the Ile de France. A true extramural hospital, it has more than 800 employees and every year coordinates more than 5 000 independent professionals who act in coordination with salaried teams in order to provide global medical psychological and social aid, ranging from treatment (provided 24/24 and 7/7) to the underlying logistics (availability of equipment, provision of health products, etc.)


Constantly active on the ground, the association care staff need user friendly mobile data equipment to update patient files and to enter data on their activities.

Equipped at the beginning with Psion terminals, in 2006 the Service Health teams changed to NEC portable light clients equipped with 3G PCMIA 3G cards for transmitting data. But when production and above all maintenance of this equipment ceased, a need for greater machine power and a changeover to transmission via USB 3G key led the association, in mid 2010, to take the decision to entirely renew its stock.


For Service Health, the choice was made once again for light clients. With no hard disk, they do not keep any information locally. In the event of loss or theft, the confidentiality of patients’ medical files is preserved, since the data are hosted and made secure on a remote server. They are also much easier to administer than a stock of conventional PCs: in the event of a problem, the machine can be replaced without input from a technician.


Proximity and customisation

After having looked closely at proposals from several manufacturers, Impact Technologies’ Itium Mobile light clients were eventually chosen, in 2010, both for equipping all mobile care staff and some in office staff who need to be mobile on particular occasions.

Besides the quality/price/performance ratio for the equipment, the presence of Impact teams in France, an assurance of response speed in the event of a problem, was a determining factor in Service Health’s choice.

A further important factor: Impact’s ability to personalise the core operating system - Windows Embedded Standard - in order to adapt it to the association’s needs. The Itium Mobile 650 therefore is able to carry a personalised operating system which sets connection servers, limits the use of USB ports, and includes the Vodafone Mobile Connect application for automating remote connections.


At present, with 250 machines installed, the project should be concluded in the coming weeks, with deployment of 400 light clients to come.