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The 27 September 2007 - Impact Technologies, thin client manufacturer, adds advance exchange to its warranty package

At Les Ulis, 27 September 2007 – Impact Technologies is announcing a new extension to its warranty packages for Itium and Itium XP thin clients.  Advance hardware exchange service reduces the cost and impact of hardware incidents on the availability of business applications through Itium thin clients.  This new warranty extension is available as part of a 3 year extended warranty.


From now on requests for exchange hardware can be made by fax.  On receipt of the request, Impact Technologies prepares and dispatches a pre-configured Itium thin client based on the customer's software configuration.  Without requiring specialist technical knowledge, the replacement thin client can thus be implemented by any user, eliminating the need for a technician to visit.  The replaced thin client is returned to Impact Technologies for examination and repair.


In parallel with this service, Impact Technologies is announcing a new on-line site available to customers for management of their thin client systems.  Through these two initiatives, Impact Technologies confirms its commitment to support its customers effectively in managing the life cycle of their thin client systems by providing operational continuity and consistency in customised software and hardware configurations.

Created in 1987, Impact Technologies manufactures ranges of the new generation Itium thin clients and Fitwin asynchronous communication cards, amongst the best selling on the market today. In the field of thin clients, Impact Technologies designs and integrates Windows CE, Linux Embedded and Windows XP Embedded on-board operating systems. Completely upgradeable solutions, Itium thin clients can be administered, configured and updated remotely, via the administration interface delivered with the terminals. Impact Technologies is the only supplier in the market to include its system administration tools, telephone support and follow up of software updates in the initial acquisition cost. There are currently more than 65,000 terminals installed worldwide. Impact Technologies is also the European leader and one of the leading global suppliers in the market for asynchronous communication cards. Fitwin cards are installed in more than 1 million machines, most notably including one in three of all automated teller (cash) machines worldwide. They are also used in mass distribution, railway networks, and in numerous other industries. Based at Les Ulis, near Paris, and employing 20 people, Impact Technologies achieved total sales turnover of 8 million euros in 2006.